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Juel tried in vain all night to get the weather gauge.On 1 July at daybreak, despite some of his ships having fallen behind, Juel closed, as did the Swedes, and fighting began at about 5am.

bedste dating site danmark Køge

This battle is recognized as Denmark-Norway's greatest naval victory, and according to 19th century Danish and Norwegian marine officers, Juel invented the "break-through" tactic, more than a hundred years before the British admiral George Rodney broke the French line in the Battle of the Saintes in the Caribbean sea 1782.Indeed, the Swedish warship, Draken, ran aground and Horn had to leave ships behind to protect it as he turned 180 degrees.After the turn, the fleets sailed parallel to each other, but the Swedish fleet had made a gap in their line which Juel utilised to break through, thus isolating several major warships.In the following battle, Sjöblad's own flagship Amarant was captured and the outcome destroyed the initial Swedish plan and eventually led to the future defeat at Koge Bay.The remaining Swedish fleet had left Dalarö, near Stockholm, on 9 June 1677.

Bedste dating site danmark Køge

This was the turning point of the battle, which soon turned into a complete rout.The Swedes lost eight war ships, several smaller ships and about 3,000 men.Lack of wind forced it to anchor off Stevn's Point.At daybreak on 19 June the two fleets sighted each other.After losing control of the Baltic Sea in the Battle of Öland the year before, the Swedish navy wanted it back.

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The Danish fleet, commanded by Niels Juel, had 1,354 cannons and 6,700 men, while the Swedish fleet, commanded by Henrik Horn, had 1,792 cannons and 9,200 men.Da man ikke kunne sælge produktet, kunne avisen meddele at man ville forære det væk til byens borgere, mod at man selv havde emballage med.Næste morgen mødte mange frem med med alt fra 1½ liters flasker til baljer – eddike var udsolgt i hele byen, idet folk tømte dunkene i kloakken med henblik på at fylde dem med spiritus.On 13 June it was joined by Kalmar, off Öland, and by Andromeda and Gustavus, survivors of Sjöblad's squadron.The Danish fleet had left Copenhagen on 24 June 1677.


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