En dating Morsø

Højriis Castle is one of Denmark’s oldest manor houses and, hence, steeped in history.

People who work in the wood working and picture framing industry around the world know, that Morso Mitring Machines has been making picture framing easier for more than a century.The holiday park, Jesperhus Feriepark, opened in 1966.It is a family-owned business which originally began as a small flower park.Since then, the park has grown in scope to become the largest flower park in Northern Europe, boasting fabulous flowers.In addition, the park features a bowling centre, water and play worlds, a 4-D cinema and the Jungle zoo.

En dating Morsø

Mors or Morsø is an island in the inlet of Limfjorden.The bridge Vilsundbroen links it with Thy to the north-west; and, to the south east, Mors is linked with the region of Salling via the bridge Sallingsundbroen.Morso is the manufacturer of a range of Notch Cutting Machine from manually foot-operated small production machines to electric / hydraulic, perfect for high volumes requirement. Achieving the perfect mitre using Morso Mitring Machines requires a method of assembling the perfect frame, and this is where Morso Frame Assemblers is the solution.Patented solution for cutting window bars, mullions and cabinet fronts, doors etc. Morso have been the manufacturer of a range of Frame Assemblers from the small and handy manual hand-operated bench top Model UP-H to the automatic, pneumatic floor Model UP-AKS.For you to truly experience the moler slopes, we suggest that you go by Limfjordsbussen – i.e.

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the ferry sailing between Nykøbing Mors, Fur and Livø, plus – in the evening – from Sallingsund Færgekro.

The moler has yielded fossilised animals and plants that are more than 55 million years old.

The dune, Hanklit, is shortlisted for the UNESCO World Heritage List.

At Jesperhus Feriepark, you can use the camp site or let a holiday cottage or house.

EUC Nordvest udbyder undervisning og andre ydelser inden for tekniske og merkantile erhvervsuddannelser, HTX, HHX, uddannelser inden for landbrug og fiskeri, arbejdsmarkedsuddannelser samt øvrige efter- og videreuddannelser.


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