Kristen dating Nyborg

They may be made-up characters and scenarios, but the show's writers aren't afraid to address a few inconvenient truths.

At last, a feast of real men Rather than hairless metrosexuals, Nordic Noir delivers real men.

The first series of The Killing (Forbrydelsen in Danish) twisted and turned for 20 episodes before its detectives solved the riddle of who killed Nanna Birk Larsen.He represents parts of California's San Francisco and San Mateo Counties.In January 2001 he was elected the ranking Democratic member of the House International Relations Committee, the leader of House Democrats on foreign policy issues.In The Bridge, the killer preys on the homeless and mentally incapacitated, raising questions of how society shares collective responsibility for these vulnerable groups.Borgen addresses the complexities of terrorism and rendition.

Kristen dating Nyborg

Borgen (meaning 'The Castle' in Danish) leaps from public decision-making to private drama interweaving narratives of key players in a fictional Danish government.The Bridge (Bron or Broen depending on whether you're watching from Sweden or Denmark -- the show is filmed in both languages) follows another lengthy and complex murder investigation.Despite the fact that it's part of the Beeb's beast, the digital channel retains the status of plucky under-dog, resolutely sourcing fresh programming despite a £5m hole recently being made in its budget.It's estimated that an episode of any of the three Danish series broadcast on BBC4 cost it just €124,000 (and even less to make), yet The Killing pulled in bigger audiences than Mad Men.The show's been hailed as a Danish West Wing, but actually probes further by following the politicians home after work. Scan-dram isn't about telling viewers 'this is the life you wish you had'.

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From Nyborg's new job making her pile on the pounds and neglect her marriage, to the Killing's Sarah Lund eating out of a saucepan and letting her family fall second to work, Nordic Noir exposes the myth of having it all . In fact with its plethora of utilitarian flats, sodden mists and perennial gloom, it's more about being grateful you're not there.Storylines with a social conscience Nordic Noir's emphasis on substance over style comes courtesy of the wide range of world affairs and home issues intertwined in every episode.In keeping with a new world that's realised Mammon was a fallible god, Scan-dram looks at social responsibility and problems that span a multinational audience.It's Saturday night, are you a) dancing the night away in a pair of heels that cost a month's salary?b) staring glassy eyed at the box while yet another warbling youngster insists they've waited their whole life to sing on telly or c) perched on the edge of the sofa, reading glasses on, glued to the latest subtitled drama?


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