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'When I investigate and read about my grandfather's crimes, it tears me apart every single time,' Hoess said during a recent interview at his home in a little Black Forest village.

The commandant lived in a luxurious mansion at Auschwitz with his wife and five children - among them Hans-Rudolf, the father of Rainer.Rainer Hoess was 12 years old when he found out his grandfather was one of the worst mass murderers in history.The gardener at his boarding school, an Auschwitz survivor, beat him black and blue after hearing he was the grandson of Rudolf Hoess, commandant of the death camp synonymous with the Holocaust.'He beat me, because he projected on me all the horror he went through,' Rainer Hoess said, with a shrug and a helpless smile. Whether you're the grandfather or the grandson - guilty is guilty.'Germans have for decades confronted the Nazi era head-on, paying billions in compensation, meticulously teaching Third Reich history in school, and building memorials to victims.Boger would force naked inmates to bend over the bar and beat their genitals until they fainted or died.Boger, 41, said it took her several years of therapy and group seminars to begin to come to terms with the fact her grandfather was a monster.

Secret casual Freiburg im Breisgau

'I felt numb for days after I read about what he did,' recalled Boger, a shy, soft-spoken woman who lives near Freiburg in southwestern Germany.'For many years I was ashamed to tell anybody about him, but then I realized that my own silence was eating me up from inside.' Her grandfather, Wilhelm Boger, invented the so-called Boger swing at Auschwitz - an iron bar that hung on chains from the ceiling.Only 150 metres (164 yards) away, the crematories' chimneys were blowing out the ashes of the dead day and night. secret casual Freiburg im Breisgau-59 'When I investigate and read about my grandfather's crimes, it tears me apart every single time': Rainier Hoess' grandfather Rudolf is pictured third from the left in the front-row at an SS retreat near Auschwitz After the war, Hoess went into hiding on a farm in northern Germany; he was eventually captured and hanged in 1947, in front of his former home on the grounds of Auschwitz.'The Nazis - the first generation - were too ashamed to talk about the crimes they committed and covered everything up.

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