Singles am friedberger platz

Many visitors experience Frankfurt only in passing - although those who stay discover, besides the skyline and banks, a different, lively Frankfurt with picturesque countryside. more My favorite part of town is the Stöffche quarter, known for more than 250 pubs and the "Appelwoi" (apple wine) served there, as well as "Handkäs mit Musik" (hand cheese with music, a hearty cheese snack).Those who come in the early evening will meet the locals and hear anecdotes about such original Frankfurter figures as "Quetschelilli" and "Bretzel (Pretzel) Karl".Exact location: Please find us at the red circle below.Restaurantbesuche · Rezepte · Feinschmecker · Internationale Küche · Cake & Dessert Lovers · Cocktails · Abendessen und Getränke · Kochen · Gesunde Ernährung · Good Food · Kochen für Dinnerpartys · food culture ⭐️People who appreciate food must appreciate life too.

Singles am friedberger platz

One should not miss a stroll through the "Zeil", Germany's most exclusive shopping district, and through the "Fressgass", Frankfurts most feudal promenade with restaurants, delicatessen, elegant bistros and the traditional cafe Schwille.For a longer stay, or a short stop, I can offer my guest rooms in private homes. dating for gifte bornholm map Whether in the city or near the airport, I have a wide array of rooms from which to choose.The Museumsufer (museum riverbank), is comparable to Hamburg's Alster, decorated with parks and gardens, which invite one to stroll, debate, or nap.Eleven of the 20 museums can be found on the right and left banks of the Main river.

Singles am friedberger platz

Ein Klick und du bist verabredet: Freizeitpartner-Portal. Hello foodies, Some people from the foodies would like to go out for a wine drinking this Friday at the Friedberger platz, so I just post this event for whom who wants to join us. - Bring your own wine glass and wine/beer if you want.The organization "Liebenswertes Frankfurt" (Lovely, lively Frankfurt) gives tours in different languages (by prior agreement) through the city center and shows Frankfurt from its personal perspective.Every 3rd Saturday and 2nd Tuesday in the month there is a tour (no registration required), at 2 p.m. Should you, nonetheless, only stop in passing, in the vicinity of the airport I can recommend, as either the beginning or end of your German tour, the restaurant "Alte Oberförsterei" in Kelsterbach, with its authentic ambience and excellent dishes.On weekends and holidays the Ebbelwoi Express (an old street car) travels hourly between p.m. between Sachsenhausen and Bornheim center and back.

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Included in the fare is a packet of apple wine or juice and pretzels.

One can get free horticultural advice from the experts.

And not to forget, also here is the zoo of the famous German zoologist Professor Grzimek!

People who like to explore the international cuisine and diverse food around the world must be open-minded.

Trying different food plays an important part of learning different cultures.


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